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Introducing Saleduck, a rapidly growing online deals platform in Europe

Press release July 20, 2015

Saleduck (formerly Bridge Marketing B.V) is proud to announce that it has defined and adopted a new corporate-wide branding strategy, launched the corporate website and has successfully entered the Danish and Finnish online coupon market last month. This week, Saleduck is launching in Austria and Switzerland (Romandie).


The success of Saleduck has seen the team double in the first half of 2015, and as a result, is moving into a new office that is three times larger than the current one. Saleduck moved into the new office in the middle of July.


”Our concept has proven very successful in Belgium in large part because we identified and targeted the Flemish community in Belgium. We have been market leader since early 2014. It has been a great journey so far and it feels like it is still only the beginning with our international expansion currently underway”, says entrepreneur Domingo Karsten.


Thomas Koponen, Business Developer: “We are going through some very exciting times as both a young European company and developing brand. Our strategy remains to grow and transfer our success to underserved, high-growth markets in Europe”.


The new brand strategy and name replaces Bridge Marketing B.V and supports Saleduck’s new centralized ‘One Company’ brand approach. Implementation of the new unified visual identity is underway for its Soldesduck and Solden brands. The re-branding is aimed at creating a clear and seamless brand experience for consumers across markets.


The Saleduck brands share a common symbol and color scheme. Saleducks visual brand consists of a duck inside a pair of yellow and blue coupon tags. The color scheme is comprised of a blue and yellow combination to further develop associations of trust, bargains & happiness. The Saleduck name and logo will be displayed in the majority of advertised and published material.


Saleduck’s vision is to make online shoppers happy and it aims to fulfil this mission by becoming the best consumer centric company in the coupon industry. Saleduck is active in Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Austria and Turkey.


More information for the press:

Sjoerd Copier, CEO, tel. +60 32 24 22 075