Despite being a start-up, we believe in giving back to local communities in all our fifteen Saleduck markets through charitable initiatives.



We work closely with municipalities, universities, and student associations that promote social activities. We also participate in sponsorship and promotion by organising awards and events for students and bloggers.


Health & Sports

We promote and support a healthy lifestyle not just amongst our employees, but the community as well. As such, we are keen on assisting local and national sports associations.


Although we are already in the business of helping people save money, we would like to take it a step further by supporting local charities, communities, as well as health and sports initiatives.

► Resources

Saleduck builds user-centric shopping communities. Our users are given the autonomy to decide (by voting) where we take part in sponsorships or make our donations.

► Awareness

Saleduck online communities have tens of thousands of daily visitors. We also use this to create awareness for the charitable organizations we work with.

► Visitors

By organising contests and awards, Saleduck generates more online visitors as well as offline footfall for charities, municipalities, universities, social initiatives and sports clubs.

► Learning

By providing internships and scholarships, we help students develop new skills which are applicable in their future career paths.